Using Legacy Devices?

Mac os x Windows

Instructions for Mac OS 10.7 - macOS 10.09

First, download Adobe Flash Uninstaller - click here to download.

After you downloaded it. It will look like this:

Great! That's how it should look like. Now double click it to open the app.

If a window like one below shows up, press Open.

Now close all browsers you have open, then press Uninstall and wait for the app to finish.

If it asks for password, type your password in.

Now download this version of Flash - click here to download.

After downloading it will look like this:

Great! We are halfway done!

Now double click the app. If a window like one below shows up, press Open.

This window will show up. Check that you read the agreement.

Then click "Install".

During the installation it will ask you multiple times for your password.
Just enter it.

After the installation is done, it will ask you about "Update Flash Player Preferences". 
Select "Never check for updates" and hit done. This is very important to not install any updates.

Then restart all your browsers.

Next up, open up Safari, and visit

The option "Click to use Flash" should show up. Click on it.

Click "Use Once" to ensure that you are using Flash only at the pages you want to use it.

The page should now reload showing up the login screen for Waddle Penguins.

Great! Flash is now working!
Not working? Don't worry we got you *again*.

Now download Waterfox here.

After downloading it should show you "Mozilla Public License", press "Agree".

After you pressed Agree, this window should pop-up:

Drag and drop the "Waterfox Classic" icon into the "Applications" folder on the right.
It should start copying it now.

After it's done, double click the "Applications" folder and locate the Waterfox Classic app.

Double click on the icon.
If this window shows up, press "Open".

After that, the web browser will open.

Click on the menu (3 lines in the upper-right part).

Click "Add-ons".

After a new page opens, select "Plugins" on the left side.

Click on the Settings icon.

And uncheck "Update Add=ons Automatically".

So it should look like that.

Then restart your Mac, and open Waterfox Classic and navigate to, select CPPS you want to play from the upper part of the website, or enter the address of the CPPS you want to play.